The word ambiguous only has one meaning, abbreviated is 11 letters long and why does lisp have an “s” in it? That was random.

Which works because this week’s tips may seem random but they are all about what NOT to do.

#5. Don’t use “WWW DOT”.
#6. Avoid “LOCATED AT”.
#7. Steer clear of phone numbers on the radio.

WWW DOT: It’s redundant and repetitious and not needed. Like the word repetitious in the previous sentence. Listeners know is on the world wide web. If you don’t put in the superfluous WWW DOT, you’ll save so much time you can say twice.

LOCATED AT: Really? Dough’s Diner, located at Lake and Bryant, Uptown doesn’t offer any more information than Dough’s Diner, Lake and Bryant, Uptown. Don’t waste words.

PHONE NUMBERS: We won’t remember 612-270-3881 and can’t write it down (we’re probably driving!) so that’s ten words wasted. If a phone number HAS to be used, you need to put it in at least three times but be ready to use up 30 precious words or :10+ seconds of your limited time.

Questions or comments?

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