This is an extension of the last tip. How your commercial sounds can be just as important as what you say. To that end, length matters.

#9. A :15 is usually 45-50 words, :30, 85-90 and a :60, 175-180.

Stay in your lane.

Of course, Mississippi Veterinarian Association and Bob’s Used Cars both have three words but the rule usually works. Even so, when you’re done writing, read it out loud and time it.

A few years back, the main message of our :15 second radio commercial was to get listeners to buy their sweetheart the gift of relaxation. The spa insisted we include every single service in the package. Which meant the announcer was rushed and had to talk a mile a minute. It sounded anything but relaxed, which contradicted the message.

As other advertisers try to jam as much as possible into their time, a slow, relaxed, confident read for your client actually stands out. It’s a change of pace whisper in a line-up of screamers. Make sure the length of your copy fits the style you want to convey.

Oddly, this is 191 words, the longest so far and far too long. Sorry.

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