Charles Dickens published novels in a magazine, one chapter at a time. When the new stuff was about to arrive from England, New York crowds gathered at the docks, anxiously waiting to read what happened next. I’m pretty sure all you reluctant copywriters weren’t waiting as anxiously for new copywriting tips but I hope they’ve helped you become a better writer. Now, like Dickens, these posts are done. The final tip:

#26: Writing effective copy is important, do your best.

You want to write copy that connects with your listeners and persuades them to do what you and your client want them to do.

To do that, spend some time writing. Give it some thought. Don’t accept “good enough”.
Write it, read it out loud, put it away and come back later to look at it with fresh eyes.

Then, rewrite ’til you get it right.

When you write effective copy, your client gets results. Effective copy makes radio work and when you create it, you’ll have the best of times.

If you want to give your clients the best possible service but don’t have the time, talent or inclination to write copy that meets your high standards, hire a pro. Like me.

John Jansen

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