As we come close to the final proven copywriting tips, guidelines, techniques, and philosophies, this might be the most important.

#25: Sell your client’s unique advantage.

When laser eye surgery first started to become a thing, one client thought they needed to sell the advantages of getting the procedure and how safe it was. Made sense, it was relatively new, sounded scary and they wanted to overcome these objections. Problem is, they sold the procedure but not themselves and once listeners bought into the idea of getting laser surgery, they shopped around and didn’t necessarily give their business to our client – who bought the advertising that persuaded them to buy in the first place!

If you gotta sell the industry, well, do that but be sure we know *your* client is our best choice.

Why would we go to your client instead of their competitors?

What do they offer that makes them a better choice?

If their advantage fills a need (especially an emotional one), your client will get all the business.

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