In New York magazine, musician Jack Antonoff (Bleachers, Fun) is quoted as saying “At some point you’re going to have to play back the mixes on your phone, just to get a sense of how the track is going to sound to people out there in the world.”

He takes into account how people listen to his music and you need to consider how we listen to your commercials.

#24. Write so we get the message, where ever we’re listening.

You, your client and the producer are in a studio with great speakers and perfect audio, focusing all your attention on every second.

We sort of kind of pay attention as your commercial plays in the background while we’re in the car, at work or doing chores.

That means, you gotta break through with something that’s easy to comprehend.

You’re going to want to avoid convoluted situations, complex stories, too much information, foreign concepts … it can all be too hard to understand.

Keep it simple. Accessible.

Repeat yourself, use sound effects, use silence. Use music on a talk station, avoid it on a music station. Do whatever you can to connect with us, no matter where we’re listening.

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