Variety is usually good. Even with radio commercials.

Let’s say your commercial is scheduled to play all the bleepin’ time. While repetition is important, if it’s the exact same commercial, every single time, we ignore it or even get annoyed. You could rotate different commercials but they may not all stay on message, and quality will not be consistent.

This week’s copywriting tip (part 1):

#21. Use a modular approach to keep the creative fresh.

You can avoid boring repetition but stay consistent by breaking the commercial down into three parts.

OPEN: Something relevant that grabs attention.
BODY: Your one, main message.
CLOSE: Connect to the open.

Now, to keep things fresh, all you have to do is change the open and close.

Tailor them for different formats, put a creative spin on a the same idea, use different voices or sound effects.

A new open makes it sound like a completely different commercial. When you change the open and close but keep the body of the commercial the same, we don’t get bored and your message stays consistent.

The modular approach can be used in other ways too. That, in part 2.

Questions or comments?

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