This week’s copywriting tip is for you if you want more than the basics like don’t use ‘www dot’ or ‘located at’ and are ready for a deeper dive into a more advanced approach.

When you write “Gunderson Pharmacy has the best customer service.” there’s no mystery, you’re not involving us. You’re just stating a biased opinion and asking us to believe you. We don’t believe you. Instead of that…

#17: Give us a good story.

How do you tell a good story? One way is to make us ask “What happens?”

If you tell us a story (it has to be true) about how a Gunderson Pharmacy customer was desperate and need of medication after the store closed, we want to know what’s going to happen (we hate “not knowing”) so we’re involved and pay attention. And then, when it’s a happy ending (thanks to your client) we conclude, for ourselves, “They offer great customer service!”

Not only that, it’s a relief to know what happened so we feel satisfied and, bonus, that joy is connected to your client.

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