Praat met ons in onze taal. Huh?

That’s this week’s copywriting tip in Dutch.

#15. Talk to us in our language.

By our language I don’t mean English or French or Klingon, I mean write in a style, attitude, and vocabulary we understand.

Simple, evocative words are easier to consume, no matter our level of intelligence and when you use them, you make it easier for us to understand what you’re talking about.

More than that, speak our language by connecting things we are interested in to your one main message. Caution, stereotype alert. If you’re writing to a sports radio audience, incorporate competition, winning or being the best. Top 40 listeners like high energy cool stuff (but don’t write slang, they’ll see right through you and not trust what you’re saying). Country fans are loyal to family, country, and honor. Etc.

You connect with us when you write in ways we understand and flavor your message with things we like.

Talk to us in our language.

Questions or comments?

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