A buffet gives you a lot to eat, a fine meal offers a dining experience to savor. Put too much information in your commercial, we’ll forget most of it.

Share one main message, we’ll remember all of it.

This week’s copywriting tip:

#14. Make your one main message the star of your commercial.

Golf course owner guy or gal wants to advertise on the radio machine to make more money. You could promote: leagues; 18 championship holes; the driving range; private and group lessons; the pro shop; the bar and grill; or the banquet rooms, but your message will be scattered.

Choose the one that most helps you meet your goal. Then make that the focus your message.

So, you run the numbers and discover they’ll make more money if more people golf more often. Duh.

While banquet rooms, the pro shop, lessons and the bar and grill add to the bottom line, they don’t really get more people to golf more often. Leagues do.

So, your main message is “Whistling Pines has leagues for every golfer” and you make that the star and focus of your commercial.

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