I’m stealing this week’s tip from an advertising legend. For the education. If you haven’t heard of Dick Orkin, look him up.

#12. Give your audience a personal, emotional benefit so they know WHY to buy.

Mr. Orkin: Push advertisers away from defining their business by their product toward sharing the consumer benefit by asking a simple question. “So what?’

Why do people need your mattress?
Because our mattress has separate patented coil springs.
So what?
So our mattress contours to your body better.
So what?
So you get a better night’s sleep.
So what?
So you feel better the next morning.
So what?
If you feel better you can do more. You’re not cranky or falling asleep on the job.
Ah, so you help people feel better and accomplish more. That’s a consumer benefit.

Mr. Jansen: Actually, you want to take that consumer benefit to another level by equating accomplishing more with taking care of your family. That makes your client filling a true emotional need and that’s a strong WHY they should buy.


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